Family in Missions!

Each one of us plays a part in what God has asked us to do in missions…

Impact World Tour – Spain

Our Impact team is focused on proclaiming the Gospel in relevant ways to the Lost in and from Spain. Right now our team is made up of 14 full-time staff and 60 young people from all around Spain, that make up 3 teams, that are committed to the Proclamation and Demonstration of Truth!!

Impact Crew

Using Hip-Hop, Dance, Rap, Testimonies and Multimedia we proclaim the Gospel to people that would never set foot inside a Church… There is an incredible power as our team starts to perform and grabs the audience’s attention and earns the right to speak into their lives

Thousands are coming out to our events and Thousands are responding!


Using Drama our team shares stories to help people understand different aspects of the Gospel. At nearly all of our events the performances of our drama team is the most powerful way to drive home the spoken message.

There is something about seeing your life without God and then seeing what He has done for you!


Our newest team is designed to disciple pre-teens and teens via weekly training times and investing in their lives. We are sure many of these young peole will come to be a part of our performing teams… until then… our focus is that they come to “Know God and Make Him Known”

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