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Major Announcement

We have been in the States now for 1 year and 10 months… This time in the States has set the stage for the next season for ministry in and from Spain!


Ministry Overview

Our Summer Outreach 

Here is a video that will help you understand what we do to share the Good News.

With the exception of the pastor… the people talking are people that JUST responded to give their lives to God.

Here is an overview of our Ministry

Our aim is to “Mobilize and Equip the Church, Reach the Lost, and Disciple a New Generation”.

We use relevant methods to proclaim the timeless truth of the Good News of the Gospel in the Public Forum.

It is working! We have seen thousands of people respond saying, “I want to know the God you are speaking about”.

Let’s start by explaining our teams

We have two performance teams that we combine together to present the Gospel in clear and relevant ways to people that would never step foot inside of a church.

Using hip-hop, dance, rap, testimonies, and multimedia, Impact Crew proclaims the Gospel to people that would never set foot inside a church. It is incredibly powerful as the team starts to perform and grabs the audience’s attention and earns the right to speak into their lives. Multitudes come to the events and thousands have responded. The team has grown from 2 to 85 in just 4 years. We are poised for continued growth!

Using drama, the Oxígeno (Oxygen) team shares stories to help people understand aspects of the Gospel. At nearly all the events, the performances of the drama team are the most powerful way to drive home the spoken message. While hip-hop is a powerful draw, drama visually impacts the audience as we tell the story of humanity and our Creator.

Through Oxígeno, we are training up local youth to share the Gospel in relevant ways.

Ministry Elements

In 2015, KDTS (Cadets) was born to raise up the next generation of evangelists and leaders that are able to live out and share their faith in a relevant way. Every week, teens and pre-teens come together to be discipled and learn drama, dance, and evangelism from the Impact Crew and Oxígeno team members.

Created in 2016 to be able to reach the hip-hop world – the Hip Hope team uses breakdance and rap in competitions and festivals to connect with an overlooked people group. In a way like no other, they speak directly to the issues at the heart of urban youth culture with radical insight and clarity to bring Truth to life. 

Using a value based message of fun, unity, community, creativity and truth, they open the door to relationships and open hearts to hear the most important message of all: the Gospel.

Street Evangelism

It is amazing how a DJ, some music, and dance can draw a crowd. We use a format similar to the major evangelistic events – just on a smaller scale – in areas where a large event wouldn’t be practical or feasible. Our team shares life changing testimonies and the message of the Gospel.

It is not true that people have rejected God here. People reject religion. They are searching, like never before, to fill their lives with meaning…for something authentic…they are searching for God. We must GO!

Romans 10:13-15

We’ve created videos that express how God values every person and that He was willing to give up his life just for them! It is incredible to see how that message affects people of all ages. After watching the video, our team, in collaboration with local churches, shares with each person how they can come into a personal relationship with Jesus who gave His life for them. Each time we use these videos, scores of people give their lives to God!

impact Discipleship training school

The Discipleship Training School (iDTS) is a five-month school. Three months of classes dealing with the most fundamental issues for our faith – how to have an authentic relationship with God, how to listen to His voice, the Nature and Character of God, Identity and Destiny, Relationships God’s way, Evangelism, Missions, and much more. 

The motto of Youth with a Mission is: “Know God and Make Him Know.”

Outreach Phase

After these three months of classes… we leave for two months of evangelistic campaign both inside and outside of Spain taking the love of God and all that they have learned to the most needy people in the world.

It is exciting to see the students of our Discipleship School ministering with power. During the campaigns we see hundreds of people come to know God, people healed, and churches encouraged, challenged and inspired.

We are teaching people to – Walk like Jesus walked.

Acts 10:38

You can be a part!

Our team of supporters makes all of this possible! Prayer and financial support are key…

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